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BoxedInn Arcana by Vashie-kun BoxedInn Arcana :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 0 0 SOLDIER First Class Cid Luneth by Vashie-kun SOLDIER First Class Cid Luneth :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 1 0
Mature content
One Piece Fanfic Chapter 47 :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 4 1
One Piece Fanfic Chapter 46
Chapter 46 – Resignation
"I simply cannot stand for this!" Amol shouted, holding up a hand in protest to Gustav and hoping he would be able to appeal to his good judgment. "The Straw Hat Pirates are a respectable group of pirates in an era where such virtues are rare to come by! How can you come to that conclusion, Chief?!"
Gustav folded his arms and seemed to be deep in thought before he scoffed and shrugged off what Amol said to him as if it were nothing. "The prosperity of the island is all that matters." He narrowed his eyes at his General and snapped his fingers, causing the man to be restrained by two armed guards. "Make this easy for the both of us and swear your fealty to the Sentinels.  I would dreadfully hate to lose a good soldier such as yourself."
Knowing that he was in a bad situation Amol did not try to struggle against his captors right away but there was no way he was going to concede defeat to the will of an ambitious madman like Gustav had becom
:iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 2 4
One Piece Fanfic Chapter 45
Chapter 45 – The Plot Begins
"So what's the plan," Callisto sat back on the stool and rested her back against the edge of her bureau. "You say you want to expose the Straw Hat Pirates as criminals so you must have some kind of idea about how that's gonna work, right?"
Anik ignored the smug tone in Callisto's voice and went into great detail about the plot he was going to unleash on the Straw Hats. "Gustav asked us to acquire those Buggy Pirates and we're going to do that just as he ordered, but from there our mission objective will change significantly." He smirked and began to slowly pace back and forth while continuing to speak. "We can bring the pirates before him as he requested but we'll need to inform him of our desire to frame their group as the criminals they are."
A hand raised and stopped the taller soldier before he could finish his thoughts.  Callisto lowered her hand and cocked her head to the side with a wide smirk. "Just why would Gustav agree to th
:iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 2 5
One Piece Fanfic Chapter 44
Chapter 44 – The Conspiracy of Blank Island
The man on horseback raced away from his vantage point after gathering the information he needed to report back to his superior.  Upon lowering the binoculars from his eyes he pulled a pair of scope-like goggles down to cover them back up again, further concealing his face along with the balaclava he wore.  Only his fiery red eyebrows and dark eyes were visible when the binoculars were returned to a resting position.  The man was part of the Sentinels due to the matching uniform of his comrades that he was wearing except his had a woodland camouflage pattern to conceal his appearance from anyone while he spied on them.
He arrived at the capital city Costa Del Palms shortly after leaving the site of the confrontation and hopped off his horse in front of the headquarters of the Sentinels.  A sense of urgency carried him up the stairs to the office of the chief that he was obligated to report t
:iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 1 2
Mature content
One Piece Fanfic Chapter 43 :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 1 3
Juggers from ChikushoBaka by Vashie-kun Juggers from ChikushoBaka :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 2 0 Johnny from ChikushoBaka by Vashie-kun Johnny from ChikushoBaka :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 1 11
One Piece Fanfic Chapter 42
Chapter 42 – Junior General Nae's Battle!
"I fear nothing," Nae retorted, twirling his spear around gracefully and holding it behind him. "Damn pirates such as yourself are a disgrace to mankind and deserve to be wiped out! My Soul Eater will do just that!"
Jeran sized up his opponent while the two of them circled around in a stand off fashion.  Nae was about his height and only appeared to be a couple of years older than him.  He was wearing the same dark gray uniform as the rest of his soldiers behind him and a militaristic hat like Amol was wearing.  Nae's hair fell down to his chest and to the small of his back with dark purple bangs while the back was dyed a navy blue color.  A pair of square frame glasses rested on the bridge of his nose as well while two golden earrings were adorned upon his ears.
"You don't know anything about us," Jeran snapped back at him. "Your irrational judgment is going to be the death of you…assumi
:iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 3 5
Ralkage from ChikushoBaka by Vashie-kun Ralkage from ChikushoBaka :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 0 4 Dogma from ChikushoBaka by Vashie-kun Dogma from ChikushoBaka :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 0 0 PradaBrada from ChikushoBaka by Vashie-kun PradaBrada from ChikushoBaka :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 0 0
Mature content
Tropical Island Shenanigans :iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 2 3
One Piece Fanfic Chapter 41
Chapter 41 – The Costa Sentinels
All of Amol's soldiers were defeated at the hands of Buggy's crew but despite the fact that he was beaten and battered with a broken arm, he did not relinquish his ground and he weakly lifted his katana to point it at the pirate Captain. "You may possess one of those demonic fruits of the sea, but I'm never going to give up so long as I have a breath in my body!"
Buggy's lips spread apart into a wide grin that went from ear to ear as he detached his hands from his wrists and shot them at Amol to grab him around the throat and hoist him in the air. "If that's the case, then I'll just squeeze it out of you!" His hands tightened viciously around the man's throat and began to slowly cut off his air supply. "Such a valiant effort will prove worthless in front of a pirate!"
Grabbing onto the disembodied hands that held him fast, Amol was making a vain attempt to break free of Buggy's grasp, but it was becoming far too difficult for him to even pro
:iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 1 2
One Piece Fanfic Chapter 40
Chapter 40 – Buggy's Infamy
The Thousand Sunny sailed along the relatively calm waters of the Grand Line after their descent from Reverse Mountain.  They were too far from the Twin Capes to stop by and visit Crocus and Laboon especially for Brook's sake, but once their journey was over they would be able to reunite the old friends.
Nami looked down at the Log Pose and saw that the compass was working properly, but she could only imagine where the upcoming island was and what kind of place it would be considering all of the unusual places they had visited in the past.  There was also no telling when they arrived there so she simply had Chopper direct the Sunny toward their destination and took the time to relax.
Jeran stood at the railing of the ship and stared intently at the water with his arms folded.  There was a conflicted expression on his face that clearly showed he was having an internal battle with himself. We got our asses kicked in
:iconvashie-kun:Vashie-kun 2 5


Bloodborne - Gallery of Beasts by Tommo2304 Bloodborne - Gallery of Beasts :icontommo2304:Tommo2304 47 13 Twisted Fates by Migoto-Ookami Twisted Fates :iconmigoto-ookami:Migoto-Ookami 660 111 Final Fantasy Birthday Cake by ChaoticBlossoms Final Fantasy Birthday Cake :iconchaoticblossoms:ChaoticBlossoms 935 246 The Scribe of Fury, Cid Luneth. by zingo47 The Scribe of Fury, Cid Luneth. :iconzingo47:zingo47 5 0 Rex Duodecim Angelus WIP 07 by Kohilaice Rex Duodecim Angelus WIP 07 :iconkohilaice:Kohilaice 164 35 Live a myth by girltripped Live a myth :icongirltripped:girltripped 7,447 284 basmanovs by Phobs basmanovs :iconphobs:Phobs 3,496 116 Raptor's Domain by squeedgemonster Raptor's Domain :iconsqueedgemonster:squeedgemonster 2,876 119 Piggy 1 by Maisykuv Piggy 1 :iconmaisykuv:Maisykuv 5 0 Midnight Romance by CinnamonSolange Midnight Romance :iconcinnamonsolange:CinnamonSolange 169 24 Gerudo Fortress by WickedZelda93 Gerudo Fortress :iconwickedzelda93:WickedZelda93 8 0 no more wicked games to play by SabrinaCichy no more wicked games to play :iconsabrinacichy:SabrinaCichy 1,644 70 that's a sketchdump V by Phobs that's a sketchdump V :iconphobs:Phobs 5,150 362


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Because of my renewed obsession with Avatar thanks to The Legend of Korra and :iconkamden:'s wonderful Benderstuck alternate universe, I have decided to make an homage to this by taking my own alternate universe role play of BoxedInn and creating a Benderstuck of it as well.

I have no actual artistic talent so I'll mostly be posting up profiles for each of these characters.  In the mean time, here is a list of each character and where their allegiance lies.

Air Nomads
Seth Genevo
Elena Jones
Phoebus Anima
Azrail Vicham
Adalia Zagiri
Torkin Frezden

Water Tribe
Nathaniel Belmen
Cassandra Saint
Zamiel Lazara
Hxzltl Mxlqtf
Felizo Tanozi
Saxen Jyung
Datana Kuroki

Earth Kingdom
Ender Rydel
Dana Blackwell
Brexus Macite
Lovett Mortalitas
Malaak Graves
Elnara Justus
Everet Rafael

Fire Nation
Cid Luneth
Alcido Ruines
Vera Maxwell
Drake Tempol
Samial Loreai
Thanel Scuttletut

As I make profiles, I'll update these to link to their actual DeviantArt profiles.


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